Working Together To Help Make Weaning Easier

Working Together To Help Make Weaning Easier

We are super excited to announce that we have teamed up with sustainable baby & toddler food brand Little Freddie, following the launch of the Thermapen First Foods digital thermometer. Hand in hand our aim together is to make the journey of parenthood and weaning that little bit easier

Little Freddie is an award-winning baby and toddler food brand, creating delicious and nutritious recipes using exceptional organic ingredients.

All of their recipes are developed by parents with help from their paediatric nutritionist Jo Rayner to ensure babies and toddlers are getting the right stage food and the best nutrition along their weaning journey, with recipes that champion all flavours.

Parent team and passionate foodies Piers Buck and Taslim Ho founded the brand after struggling to find baby food for their son Freddie that used quality ingredients. They visited farms to find the tastiest organic ingredients, and they continue to do so today, working with farmers they know and trust.

Sarah Jackson, Marketing Manager at Little Freddie said: “We’re so excited to be partnering with Thermapen, especially at a time when our research shows that 41% of first-time parents are concerned about whether they are doing weaning in the right way. We believe our pouches and Thermapen’s thermometer go hand in hand to help parents feel confident with choosing and preparing food for their baby.”

Thermapen are thrilled to be working alongside another family owned British company, Thermapen forms part of Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. which was founded by another husband and wife duo, Peter and Miriam. ETI Ltd. now has 5 directors at the helm including Peter, Miriam and their three children Claire, Lisa and Jason.

Jason Webb from Thermapen said: “Our research shows that UK parents are feeling the pressure of weaning and the importance of those first stages of interaction with food. With 71% of parents saying they’d feel less anxious if they had the right tool to measure the temperature of baby’s food, we’re so thrilled that we’re able to take the guesswork out heating baby food and milk with the Thermapen First Foods. It is great to be partnering with Little Freddie and working together to help make the weaning journey a little easier for parents.”

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