Modern Jam Workshop with Thermapen and Mary Cadogan

Modern Jam Workshop with Thermapen and Mary Cadogan

Here at Thermapen we wanted to bring homemade jam back to life – so we launched another ‘IsItCooked?’ event at the wonderful La Cucina Caldesi Cookery School in London.We invited Journalists, food writers and bloggers to attend a modern jam making workshop where the wonderful Mary Cadogan – food writer and author of 18 cookery books hosted. We also invited former Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn to not only make some wonderful small batch jam but share with us her fabulous ‘Toast and Jam’ cake!

Today we are sharing both a fantastic video of the workshop and a few pictures! We also have Mary’s very own plum jam recipe, and top jam making tips below…

Pick under-ripe fruit. It’s a misconception that you can use squishy, out of date fruit for making jam. Once fruit becomes over ripe, it loses much of the acid that is essential for making a great jam.

Cook in small batches. While cooking huge batches of your trademark flavoured jam may feel productive, nobody wants the inevitable, 20 jars of forgotten jam at the back of the cupboard. Cook your jam in small batches, maybe a few small jars at a time, experimenting with different flavours.

Invest in a SuperFast Thermapen 4. Taking out the guesswork will make cooking jam so much easier. Getting your jam to the right temperature to set is crucial so using Thermapen’s newest thermometer will ensure your jam is cooked to perfection.

So, let’s forget about those sugar laden commercial products and instead get experimenting with some unique and surprising flavours to add to your jam this summer. With a little help from a SuperFast Thermapen thermometer you’ll be just about “set” for the Great British Jam Off.

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