#BBQBrave 2020: The Year of the Burger

#BBQBrave 2020: The Year of the Burger

If you’re looking to learn some new cooking skills, spend more time in the garden, or recreate your usual date night while in lockdown – outdoor cooking could be your answer.

But while BBQ season may recall the sweet hiss of burgers flipping for some, it also strikes fear into the hearts of many. Research from The Food Standards Agency shows that 1 in 5 Brits have been ill due to BBQ food and almost three quarters worry about food poisoning.

What should be an enjoyable time can often become stressful for anxious cooks who are using unconventional cooking methods. We don’t want to see people accidentally serving up dubiously pink patties or overcautious charcoal-flavoured chicken, which is why we’re encouraging people to be BBQ Brave with Thermapen.

This year we’re focusing on burgers. From how to set up a BBQ to cooking the perfect patty, anxious cooks will become burger pros by the end of the summer. Whether it’s beef, chicken or fish, as long as it’s inside a bun we want to see it cooked to perfection! 

Will you join us and show us your perfectly cooked patties? Tag us @Thermapen or use the hashtag #BBQBrave if you’re championing the BBQ with your Thermapen this summer!



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