Veganuary Recipes with SuperFast Thermapen 4

Are you celebrating Veganuary this year? Veganuary is a promotion for people to try the Vegan lifestyle for the month of January, for some it is simply something fun to try but for others it is the start of a serious diet change. Throughout the month of January vegan bloggers and chefs share their recipes in the hopes that people will learn more about Veganism and adopt a more vegan friendly lifestyle. Of course there are many reasons why people choose to go Vegan, for many it is their love of animals and the impact that industrial farming has on our environment, for others it is simply for health benefits.

Here at Thermapen we welcome all and any dietary changes or requirements and love it when people get creative with their food and what ingredients to use. Below is a list of some fabulous bloggers we have worked with that have created the most delicious Vegan dishes, using the Thermapen of course.

veganuary thermapen chocolate cake

This incredibly divine chocolate cake topped with homemade pumpkin shaped candy is 100% vegan and was made using our SuperFast Thermapen 4. Diana from Little Sunny Kitchen commented “It’s an interesting challenge having to substitute animal based ingredients with plant based ingredients without sacrificing the taste and making sure that the bake is still fluffy and perfect.” You can view the recipe here: Vegan Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting

veganuary thermapen macarons

Firstly let’s appreciate how BEAUTIFUL these macarons are, secondly, they are vegan! When Lucy from Supergolden Bakes mentioned that the macarons she was going to create with our SuperFast Thermapen 4 were vegan we thought to ourselves “How can you make macarons without egg whites?”

To find out how see the recipe here: Vegan Aquafaba Macarons

veganuary thermapen chelsea buns

This vegan recipe may have been made with Christmas in mind but we think these marzipan & mincemeat Chelsea buns from The Veg Space would be a perfect brunch treat at any time of year. Kate from The Veg Space commented “I used to think kitchen thermometers were only useful for cooking meat, so had no place in my kitchen.  But since getting this nifty gadget last year I have used it so much in ways I had never anticipated. ”

Read the recipe here: Marzipan & Mincemeat Chelsea Buns

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