Valentine’s Day – Cooking The Perfect Steak

Valentine’s Day – Cooking The Perfect Steak

This RARE occasion only comes once a year; receive a WELL DONE from your partner this Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve decided to cook your loved one steak this Valentine’s Day, we have some handy tips for making it a perfect meal.

Choosing your steak can be tricky, especially if you don’t cook it often! Here we have three of our most favoured steaks:

  • Filet Mignon. The most lean and tender of them all, it is best served medium-rare at 56°C

  • Sirloin Steak. Well flavoured tender steak often served with a tasty sauce, best served rare at 52 °C

  • T-Bone steak. This has the best of both filet and top loin, it is best served medium at 60 °C

Our Cooking Temperature Guide will provide you with ‘Chef recommended temperatures’ for cooking steak; it’s your steak so personalise it to your taste buds by cooking it just right. It’s important to use a thermometer with a reduced tip probe; this will ensure that the juices of the meat are not going to weep away.

Once you know what steak you’re going to cook and how you want it cooked, next is to choose which sauce you want to accompany it. Here are three popular sauces:

  • Béarnaise. This is a classic French thick and creamy sauce, with a slight hint of vinegar and tarragon

  • Mushroom sauce makes for an earthy accompaniment

  • Peppercorn is the classic creamy steak sauce, which doesn’t take long to make either!

No steak should ever be alone on Valentine’s Day, so why not try some of these sides.

  • Chunky Chips. There is nothing better than the classic steak and chips, so why not switch the skinny French fries with some chunky chips! You can even sprinkle them with some paprika to give them a twist.

  • Sweet Potato Fries. If you’ve decided to go for a healthier option, why not try some gorgeous sweet potato fries – they work well in the oven!

  • Creamed Spinach. If you want to go all out, why not add a little single cream to your spinach/kale to make this creamy (and naughty) side.

  • Roasted Vegetables. Get your 5 a day with some roasted vegetables, we recommend sweet potato, peppers, green beans and tomatoes!

Choosing a wine to go perfectly with and enhance the flavours of your steak is very difficult! That’s why we have curated this list of red wines that go with steak like two peas in a pod! If you’re having:

  • A beef fillet with horseradish and beetroot, try a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Steak with chunky chips, try a Malbec
  • A seared steak with salad, try a Pinotage
  • Steak with mushroom sauce, try a Shiraz

Using a SuperFast Thermapen 4 allows you to test the temperature of your steak at any time and gives a reading in just 3 seconds. The speed and accuracy of the reduced tip probe makes it a must with celebrity chefs and the home cook.

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