Thermapen: Banishing BBQ Myths with Richard Holden

Thermapen: Banishing BBQ Myths with Richard Holden

With the great British summer just around the corner, millions will be scrubbing down their grills in preparation for a barbecue, but despite our love affair for eating al fresco, it seems we need a masterclass in cooking barbecue style.

The popularity of barbecues coincides with food poisoning doubling during the summer months and new online research from YouGov indicates that a lack of knowledge surrounding safe barbecue cooking is to blame.

The research that we commissioned, suggests that people are undercooking burgers (14%) and overcooking chicken (28%).  Over 80% of people surveyed did not know the correct internal minimum temperature for cooking a burger (70°C) and over 80% did not know the correct minimum temperature for cooked chicken (74°C). This could explain why a third (33%) of people said they throw away barbecued food and almost a quarter (21%) admitted it’s at least one serving. With the average family having 9 barbecues over the summer this amounts to 22,000 bin lorries of waste!

With all this in mind we decided to get BBQ Master Richard Holden on board for a fantastic BBQ Masterclass at a cookery school in Wigan, owned by former Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite. We also invited along some wonderful bloggers to attend the event and get hands on with a proper British BBQ.

Richard is a man on a mission to get Brits up and down the country barbecuing not only delicious food but correctly and safely cooked food.

“As a nation we still have a lot to learn about what it is to successfully barbecue, and a lot of it comes down to temperature. The first piece in the puzzle is to cook at the right temperature – too much heat and your food is cooked on the outside and raw in the middle, not enough heat and your food is cooked through but missing the gorgeous caramelised exterior that excites the eyes and the taste buds!”

“The second piece is knowing the correct core temperature of food, so food is both cooked and safe to eat. When I’m teaching my classes, I give my students a simple saying to ensure food safety: 75, stay alive. Meats cooked to a core temperature of 75°C will ensure that all harmful bacteria are destroyed. This is critical for high risk foods such as chicken and minced products like sausages and burgers. I never serve food without quickly checking the core temperature and a Thermapen is the easiest and most reliable way of doing that.”

“Food that is cooked properly while retaining its natural flavour and succulence would put British BBQ on the map, and using a thermometer is part of that picture!”

Only 29% of British adults are using a thermometer to make sure their barbecued food is cooked properly – and yet the SuperFast Thermapen is the perfect companion for the Great British BBQ season. Featuring a reduced tip probe for easy measurement, the SuperFast Thermapen is perfect for testing the temperature of your foods this summer, providing an accurate reading in just three seconds and ensuring it’s cooked safely and to perfection.

All of the bloggers who attended learnt to safely cook chicken and steak on the BBQ, the correct internal temperatures and some top BBQ tips. For example did you know that a great way to ensure your meat doesn’t stick to the BBQ grill is to use an 1/2 an oiled onion and rub it on the grates first? At arms length and carefully of course!

Last but most certainly not least, Richard finished the event off by producing this delicious pavlova that yes, was cooked on a BBQ!

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