Smoked Traeger Pulled Pork

Smoked Traeger Pulled Pork

Achieving smoky, melt in the mouth pulled pork couldn’t be easier with a Traeger Grill and Smoke Wireless BBQ Thermometer. The Traeger will deliver an even, consistent pit temperature while the Smoke will keep you updated on the meat temperature throughout the cook. Using apple pellets to add a subtle sweetness to the pork, this recipe is an absolute must for Traeger lovers.

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Serves: 8

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 9 hours

Pellets: Apple



1 (6-9 lb) bone-in pork shoulder

Traeger Pork & Poultry Rub

473ml apple cider

Traeger ‘Que BBQ Sauce


1. When you’re ready to cook, set the Traeger temperature to 120˚C and preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes.

2. While the Traeger comes to temperature, trim any excess fat off the pork butt.

3. Generously season with Traeger Pork & Poultry Rub (or your favourite rub) on all sides and let it sit for 20 minutes.

4. Place the pork butt fat side up directly on the grill grate and cook until the internal temperature reaches 71˚C your Smoke thermometer, about 3 to 5 hours.

5. Remove the pork butt from the grill.

6. On a large baking tray, stack 4 large pieces of kitchen foil on top of each other, ensuring they are wide enough to wrap the pork butt completely on all sides. If not, overlap the foil pieces to create a wider base. Place the pork butt in the centre on the foil, then bring up the sides of the foil a little bit before pouring the apple cider over the pork. Wrap the foil tightly around the pork, ensuring the cider does not escape.

7. Place the foil-wrapped pork butt back on the grill fat side up and cook until the thickest part of the meat reaches an internal temperature of 96˚C, about 3 to 4 hours longer depending on the size of the pork butt.

8. Remove the pork from the grill. Allow it to rest for 45 minutes, still wrapped in the foil.

9. Remove the pork from the foil and pour any excess liquid into a fat separator.

10. Place the pork in a large dish and shred the meat, removing and discarding the bone and any excess fat. Add the separated liquid back into the pork and season to taste with some more Traeger Big Game Rub. Optionally, add Traeger ‘Que BBQ Sauce or your favourite BBQ sauce to taste.

11. Serve alone, in your favourite recipes, or in sandwiches. Refrigerate leftover pork in a sealed container for up to 4 days. Enjoy!




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