Pancake Day!

Pancake Day!

What’s the best pancake topping? More pancakes! As it is coming up to Shrove Tuesday, or as us food lovers call it – PANCAKE DAY (yay!), we have researched, tested and tried how to make the perfect pancakes. So if you want to make the fluffiest-lightest-most-perfect pancakes in the world, please read on.

Did You Know

  • Pancake Days is also known as Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday
  • It occurs between 2nd February and 9th March, depending on the date of Easter
  • Shrove Tuesday is also the day before lent starts (so eat up!)
  • The earliest known pancakes were made around 12,000 years ago from ground grains and nuts, mixed with water or milk and cooked on hot stones
  • The highest recorded pancake throw was 31ft 1inch made in New York in 2010 (do any of you think you can beat that?!)

Batter the devil you know

To make the perfect pancake, you will need (makes around 12 depending on the size of each pancake):

  • 100g plain flour

  • 2 large eggs

  • 300ml milk

  • Oil/butter for frying

  • Toppings

Make sure all of these ingredients are at room temperature – 24 °C before starting. Whisk the dry ingredients together in one bowl and the wet ingredients separately in another bowl. When you have done that, make a little hole in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ingredients in and mix gently. IMPORTANT: Don’t over mix the batter as the gluten in the flour starts to develop as soon as the liquid touches it, so the more you mix, the tougher the gluten will be (and nobody wants tough pancakes!). Good things come to those who wait, so leave the batter to rest between 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the recipe), this is crucial as the gluten that was activated is now resting and relaxing, giving it a thicker consistency.

Temperature Is Key

Heat your pan over a medium heat until it reaches 190 °C. This is the perfect temperature to bake pancakes, because if the pan is too cold the batter will soak up the oil in the pan making it too greasy, and if the pan is too hot it will cook the pancake unevenly and leave it with burnt outsides and an uncooked middle! Here we use our Pro-Surface Thermapen 3 to check the correct heat of our pan. It works by having a flat surface probe that swivels and pivots to ensure good surface contact and high accuracy measurement, making it the perfect tool for baking pancakes! Click here to buy.

Only Flip Once

Let’s start baking! Grease the pan using a paper towel with vegetable oil or butter (clarified/regular butter) and don’t forget to wipe your pan after every 2 batches (also, pouring the oil straight to pan is a big no-no, as this will cause uneven baking!) We suggest you do a test pancake to make sure everything is perfect, if it goes well, add a pool of batter to your pan and leave to bake. Then give it some space or it’ll disrupt the pancake from rising properly. Only flip your pancake when it is dry around the edges and there are bubbles on the top (and they’re bursting in the centre), and ONLY FLIP ONCE! Otherwise your pancake will deflate. If you need to check that the pancake isn’t burning, just gently lift it up on the side to check. Also resist the urge to press the pancake down with the spatula – it’ll take away the fluffiness and lightness!

A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes The Pancake… Taste Brilliant!

  1. Lemon & Sugar
    • Lemon and sugar is one of the most common and favourite toppings for us English!
  2. Fruit
    • Chopped up fruit for example; banana, strawberry and blueberries, are a lovely fresh and healthy option this pancake day!
  3. Nutella
    • Even though the other two options are lovely, our favourite is Nutella. You can either, get it straight from the pot and let it melt inside the pancake, or you can melt the Nutella beforehand. Use the au-bain-marie method to slowly let it melt into a mouth-watering liquid. How To: put a pot of water (don’t put too much water in the pot otherwise it’ll pour over and that can be very dangerous if boiling!) on the stove and bring it to a slow simmer over a medium heat. Place your desired amount of Nutella in a heat-proof glass bowl. Place the bowl on the pot and turn the heat up slightly. Gently stir the Nutella until it has reached the consistency you want. If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, learn how to temper chocolate with Edd Kimber and our Thermapen here:

We hope this has made your pancake journey easier and helped you create the picture perfect pancake you’ve always been wanting. Bon Appetite!

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