Marcus Bawdon’s Temperature Vs Time BBQ Chickens

Marcus Bawdon’s Temperature Vs Time BBQ Chickens

There’s nothing worse than dry chicken. How to avoid it? Cook to temperature over time.

Temperature-based cooking is paramount to achieving perfectly done, great tasting food. Not only does it let you know that your food is safe to eat, it helps you catch it at its most succulent point.

Package instructions often overestimate the length of time chicken needs to cook, pushing the temperature way over the 74°C it needs to reach to be safe, juicy and delicious.

One person who knows all about creating perfectly cooked food is Marcus Bawdon, blogger at CountryWoodSmoke and author of Food and Fire. To show the difference cooking by temperature makes to the quality and taste of a whole roasted chicken, Marcus cooked two on the BBQ — one to 74°C and one to the 1 hour 20 minutes recommended on its packet.


Watch the video below to find out how different the results were.



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