Halloween Toffee Apples Using A SuperFast Thermapen

Halloween Toffee Apples Using A SuperFast Thermapen

October 31st brings with it not only fun parties, trick or treaters and scary movies but also a ton of delicious Halloween inspired recipes! One mouth-watering icon of Halloween is the famous toffee apples. A sweet and crunchy apple is covered in an even sweeter layer of toffee and then left to cool. Hoping you don‘t break a tooth these sugar powered treats are perfect for any Halloween party and are surprisingly easy to make (especially with the help of our Thermapen Professional ).



6 small apples

300g golden caster sugar

1 tsp vinegar

100ml water

3 tbsp golden syrup

wooden skewers

Thermapen Professional

First you need to wash the waxy seal off the apples – to do this simply place the apples into a large bowl and cover with boiling water and then dry thoroughly. Snap off the apple stalks and then insert the wooden skewers into the apples.

Next pour the sugar and water into a medium sized saucepan, continually stir over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add your vinegar and syrup – cook quickly without stirring until the mixture reaches 150°C. We recommend using our Thermapen Professional for this stage.

The Thermapen Professional is the perfect tool for quickly measuring the temperature of your foods, with an accurate reading in just 3 seconds. The patented 360° self-rotating display can be used in any position, in either hand. Plus the motion-sensing sleep mode automatically turns the Thermapen® 4 on/off when set down or picked up, maximising battery life – 3000 hours in normal use.

After you have checked the temperature and are happy then turn off the heat. Working quickly you now dip each apple into the toffee mixture and twist it round to coat thoroughly. Let any excess drip off and then place onto a sheet of baking paper to set.

For variation you could even sprinkle some chopped nuts or popping candy over the apples once they have been dipped into the toffee before leaving to cool.

We love these fun delectable treats and we are sure your party guests will too!

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