Four Fabulous & Fresh Burger Recipes

Four Fabulous & Fresh Burger Recipes

As a nation us Brits love a good BBQ, and one of our favourite dishes to cook on it…a good old burger! However the majority of us will buy pre-made beef burgers and slap it in a roll with a little ketchup and maybe a cheese slice. No more we say! Today we’re sharing with you FOUR fabulous burger recipes that are sure to liven up your BBQ food and leave your family and friends wanting more…

Of course before we show you these fabulous recipes we thought you’d like to know that each one was cooked to perfection using the SuperFast Thermapen 4. It’s quick 3 second reading time is perfect for not only checking your burgers but also many other dishes such as joints of meat, tempering chocolate, jam making and more.

If you’re a burger fanatic then you would also love our Thermapen 3 with Burger Probe. This has been designed specifically to ensure that burgers are cooked perfectly to the correct temperature. The stainless steel disc on the probe ensures the correct insertion depth of 8mm or 12mm into the burger. Simply insert the probe (0.4 mm) into the burger until the disc touches the surface to test it has reached the ideal temperature to be cooked perfectly.

Okay, we’ve chatted enough – now here are the four fabulous burger recipes…


Celery & Cupcakes

Jerk Burgers with Mango & Tomato Salsa

“If you’re looking for a twist on your regular burgers at your summer BBQs, then why not spice things up with some Caribbean flavour?  Burgers are so easy to make yourself and these Jerk Burgers With Mango & Tomato Salsa will liven up any summer gathering.”

“BBQs can get a little frantic at times with lots of food to prepare and people to entertain.  Rather than ending up with everything burnt to a crisp, which can happen so easily with the high heat from the charcoals something like the SuperFast Thermapen 4 Thermometer is great for making sure your food is cooked correctly. I like my beef burgers to be medium to well done, so as soon as the Thermapen reached 69 degrees I knew that they were ready.  It really does take the guesswork out of cooking and it’s intelligent backlit display senses varying light levels, meaning that there are no issues for it working near a smokey BBQ.”

mango salsa burger recipe

Richard Holden

Harissa Salmon Burger with Pea Hummus

“This harissa salmon burger is to die for and the pea hummus is a simply perfect accompaniment. Here Richard shows you step-by-step how to marinate your salmon fillets, BBQ to perfection using the SuperFast Thermapen 4 and of course serve it all beautifully together in a  soft bread roll.”

“I never serve food without quickly checking the core temperature and a Thermapen is the easiest and most reliable way of doing that. Food that is cooked properly while retaining its natural flavour and succulence would put British BBQ on the map, and using a thermometer is part of that picture!”

Click to view Richard’s Step-by-step video: Harissa Salmon Burger Recipe Demonstration

harissa salmon burger

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Sticky Five Spice Sauce Burgers

“The burgers were cooked to absolute perfection, tender and juicy with the lovely depth of flavour from the sticky five spice BBQ sauce. The secret ingredient for this sauce is to use Indonesian long peppers.”

“I’ve been regularly using this thermometer for a good month and a half now – testing to see if the roast lamb is at the right temperature and even if cakes are at the right doneness. I have even, for the first time in 25 years, made home made fudge using the thermometer to make sure the fudge had reached the right temperature to set correctly. Total win.”

sticky five spice burger

Fab Food 4 All

BBQ Chilli Burgers with Spicy Guacamole

“The addition of green chilli, coriander leaf and cumin make these burgers taste really fresh and the spicy guacamole adds zing and more heat to give a really vibrant and delicious tasting burger. So I think these are the ideal burger to throw (not literally) on the barbecue this summer and impress you friends.”

“I’ve had my Thermapen 4 digital thermometer for a few years now and I have to say I use it almost every day. It’s so reassuring to have complete peace of mind that every dish I serve is at a safe temperature. Taking the guess work out of getting the right temperature also means that I don’t need to over compensate and over cook my food which can result in dry, tough meat etc. “

bbq chilli burger guacamole



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