Richard Holden’s Lemon & Thyme BBQ Chicken

Today we’re excited to share another delicious recipe from BBQ Master Richard Holden. This lemon and thyme chicken is the perfect choice for a light summer evening dinner, perfectly paired with a tomato and rocket salad. Here Richard shows you step-by-step how to BBQ your chicken both safely and correctly using the SuperFast Thermapen 4, […]

Cooking Up Christmas with Thermapen

Christmas time represents many things for many different people – love, family, religion etc. However the one thing that most people associate with Christmas is food! Every year the supermarkets fill their shelves with an abundance of sumptuous looking entrées, desserts and snacks. Traditionally in the UK we serve a large roast dinner on Christmas […]

Millstone Satay Sauce

Millstone Satay Sauce 250ml coconut cream 70g peanut butter 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 2 tsp chilli powder 4 tsp Madras curry powder 1 lime, grated rind and juice METHOD: 1) Pour the coconut cream into a small pan and heat 2) Add the peanut butter and stir until blended 3) Add Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, […]