Can I use a Thermapen to take my body temperature?

Can I use a Thermapen to take my body temperature?

Can I use a Thermapen to take my body temperature?

With access to medical thermometers in short supply during the coronavirus outbreak, we are receiving a large number of enquiries about whether Thermapens can be used to take body temperature. 

We would usually always recommend using a medical thermometer to take your body temperature if you have access to one, as these are designed and tested for this purpose. However, if you’re self-isolating and you only have access to a Thermapen, it is possible to do this as long as you are very careful of its ultra fine tip.*

Our Thermapen First Foods Thermometer, designed for taking the temperature of baby foods and milk, has a blunter probe than our Thermapen Classic and Professional models, therefore if you do own one of these it would be a safer option to use. 


What is a normal body temperature?

A normal body temperature is approximately 37°C. A fever in adults is usually when your body temperature is 37.8°C or higher. This might make you feel warm, cold or shivery.


Where can I check my body temperature?

Where you take your body temperature from depends on the type of thermometer being used. The NHS recommends digital thermometers as they can be used to easily take temperatures from the armpit or mouth. Due to the sharp probe, we would only recommend using a Thermapen to take a reading from your armpit. 


How can I check my body temperature using a Thermapen?

  1. Over a layer of protective clothing, lightly and carefully hold the tip of the thermometer against the centre of the armpit
  2. Press your arm close against the body so the tip of the thermometer stays in place
  3. Give the thermometer 30-60 seconds to stabilise before reading the temperature
  4. Clean/sanitise the thermometer and store for its next use


*We are providing this advice for people to gain fairly accurate body temperature readings only in emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would not recommend that you purchase our thermometers to be used for medical purposes, and only use this method if you already own a Thermapen and cannot get access to an alternative. We would not advise using a Thermapen to take the body temperature of children as it is a sharp object that may cause injury. 


2 thoughts on “Can I use a Thermapen to take my body temperature?”

  • Thank you for writing this article, Holly. My husband and I got sick while in temporary housing in India and the disposable test strips that were available didn’t work on me for some reason. I remembered I still had my Thermapen (I actually hand-carry it for every move!) and found your article reassuring in a stressful time. It’s common sense info and reasonable, but was needed in my time of panic.

    • Thank you for your comment Shelly. We’re really happy to hear that this information and your Thermapen were able to help you at what sounds like a very difficult time! We hope you and your husband are better now.

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