About Thermapen

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A favourite kitchen gadget of many celebrity chefs and professional cooks, the SuperFast Thermapen® is now available to home chefs and BBQ fans.

Our British-made food thermometer is the fastest and most accurate on the market with an easy to read digital display that gives a temperature reading in under three seconds.

Available in a range of 13 stunning colours, it is a must-have for all home kitchens; whether you are a serious technical baker or just want to enjoy meat that is both succulent and cooked safely.

Perfect for recipes that involve sugar, such as jam, or chocolate its easy to read display gives a quick and accurate food temperature in less than three seconds.  So no more time spent watching your food spoil as you wait for up to 2 minutes for a temperature reading.

Instead, a quick probe of the Thermapen® and in less than 3 seconds you will know if your food has reached perfection or whether it needs a little longer.

Its high-quality, hand-built, practical and sturdy design means it will quickly become your essential kitchen partner and you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.



Thermapen is manufactured by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd.

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd, is a digital thermometer manufacturer, producing digital thermometers, catering thermometers, moisture meters, pH meters, dataloggers and other related products.

In the last four years the business has grown by 100%, giving ETI a significant increase in sales of temperature measurement devices and other related products.

Miriam and Peter Webb founded ETI in 1983, when they identified an opportunity in the manufacturing market for the production of digital thermometers and temperature measuring probes.

The company is jointly owned by Miriam and Peter Webb (50/50 share holding). The company’s registered office is Easting Close, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8HQ and the company registration number is 1746462. VAT number GB 397 5525 04

ETI is located in Worthing at three sites, Easting Close and Dominion Way.  ETI currently employs around 180 people in total. The company manufactures 70% of the products it sells, the balance being sourced from overseas suppliers. Products manufactured in-house come with a full 2 year warranty.