The Independent Food Desk review

The Thermapen® was reviewed in The Independent on 29th June 2012. Samuel Muston from their Food Desk had this to say: “On the Indy food desk, we like nothing better than slow cooking a large slab of meat. But even for long roasts, accuracy is required. A recent experiment in barbecued pulled pork (done in […]

Thermapen review on Foody Traveller blog

Travel editor and writer Anna Hyman has reviewed the Thermapen® on her popular ‘Foody Traveller’ blog site.   She had this to say about the Thermapen®… Over the years I’ve used many food thermometers but I’ve never appreciated one as much as I appreciate Thermapen.   Within three seconds it tells me the temperature of […]

Nick Nairn on the Thermapen in Foodepedia

Nick Nairn article on Foodepedia using the Thermapen® to make the perfect crème brulée.   “…We tackle the crème brulée first. And this is the point of cookery courses. It’s not just about working through the recipe; it’s equally about the snippets of information you pick up along the way.   As Nick says, no […]

Cook a Tomahawk steak with a Thermapen

Nick Harman’s recent Foodepedia article on cooking a Tomahawk steak highlights how well the rates the Thermapen.   “not wishing to muck this one up, I supplement the press test for doneness by using a Thermapen (everyone should have one, they are brilliant).   Not quite ready but after a few more minutes the Thermapen […]

The Pink Whisk Honeycomb Recipe

How to Make Honeycomb – by Ruth Clemens of The Pink Whisk     It’s called lots of things – honeycomb, hokey-pokey, sponge candy – whatever you call it it’s the stuff that’s inside a Crunchie, and I often get requests for this recipe.  Very quick and easy to make and a perfect bonfire night treat. […]